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Here you can enjoy top-class VIP attitude, free parking and a wide variety of services.
Our offers include: Complex cleaning, VIP cleaning, Exterior washing, Ultra VIP cleaning, Paintwork and glass protection, Fabric washing and many other extras.

Flais Carwash is your car’s new best friend and will make sure that it is always immaculate!

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Paintwork and Glass Protection

Fabric Washing


  • Comprehensive Polishing
  • Detail Polishing
  • Headlights Polishing
  • Exhaust Pipe Polishing
  • Exterior Plastics Polishing
  • Wheel Polishing
  • Glass Conservation
  • Comprehensive Pasting
  • Detail Pasting
  • Hard Waxing
  • Liquid Waxing
  • Carnauba Waxing
  • Polymer Protection
  • Sonax Waxing
  • Comprehensive Interior Cleaning
  • Seat Washing
  • Door Washing
  • Headliner Washing
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Leather Interior Cleaning
  • Leather Interior Feeding
  • Tornado Cleaning
  • Animal Hair Cleaning
  • Cleaning of Sand From the Interior and the Trunk

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