Fitness Flais Novi Iskar

Welcome to Fitness Flais Novi Iskar, located at Iskarsko defile 116 and enjoy modern interior, professional top-class SportsArt fitness equipment, over 40 cardio machines, modern ventilation and air conditioning system that provides fast air exchange, comfortable changing rooms and free outdoor parking.

In our protein & fresh bar you will find a huge variety of high quality nutritional supplements in different categories.

Our highly qualified fitness instructors are always at your disposal, ready to take care of your needs.

We accept Multisport (regular) cards.

Come and make your workout a real pleasure!

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Professional fitness equipment Matrix

Free parking

Protein & Fresh Bar

Професионални инструктури

Професионални Инструктури

Запознайте се с нашите инструктори и изберете най-добрия за вас!

Мартин Господинов

Инструктор във фитнес Флайс Нови Искър

Даниел Гълъбов

Инструктор във фитнес Флайс Нови Искър

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Novi Iskar, Iskarsko shose 116