General Terms



These RULES ON INTERNAL PROCEDURES are intended to regulate the relations between FLFITNESS CLUBS “FLAIS” (called for short “Club”) and their visitors (clients) on the occasion of the provision of sports and recreational services. Visitors (clients) are obliged to familiarize themselves with them when visiting the fitness club, as they may contain texts specific to the services provided at the concrete site.


The customer, who has paid for a subscription card or a one-time visit, declares that he is familiar with and agrees with the current rules and price policy of the Club, and also undertakes to comply with them and bear responsibility for their violation!


Access to the club is not allowed for persons under 10 years of age. The only exception is when the person is a participant in a group activity that is specifically designed for children.


Persons between the ages of 10 and 13 must train in the Club with an adult companion – (parent/guardian) and/or a fitness instructor!


For access to the Club’s services by persons between the ages of 14 and 18, it is necessary for their parent/guardian to declare in writing their express consent for their child to train at the Club unaccompanied. A declaration form can be obtained at the reception of the Club.


Access to the Club is not allowed to persons who do not train in the gym or participate in a group activity.


In case of non-observance of a specific rule or a number of rules, Fitness Club “Flais” has the right to deny the offending people access to all clubs in the chain and the manager will individually decide whether or not to refund the remainder of unused training to a client with a purchased subscription.




The club offers its visitors the option of paying for a single visit or purchasing a subscription plan, which can be monthly or annual.


The subscriptions offered by the Club are not bound by a contract. They are automatically terminated when they expire.


The subscription card is a pass for the Club. Showing it at the reception is mandatory!


Persons who have not presented a subscription card or who have not paid for a one-time visit are not admitted to the Club.


Subscription cards are registered and are not provided to other persons! The services prepaid with them can only be used by their holder.


The price of the fitness subscription plan is determined by the level of the specific facility. The location and the level of its equipment are decisive for its assessment. The lowest level of access grants one to all gyms of the same level. In order to use the fitness service provided by the sites throughout our structure, it is necessary for the Customer to have a subscription plan for the highest level of fitness. Viewed in ascending order, the facilities by level are as follows:


  • First level – Novi Iskar and Studentski grad
  • Second level – Manastirski livadi, Mladost 4, Druzhba
  • Third level – Strelbishte, Mladost 1, Knyazheevo, Premium Krasna polyana
  • Fourth level – Premium Amaya, Premium Nadezhda, Premium Sky City, Premium Hadzhi Dimitar, Premium Veslets
  • Fifth level – Premium Millennium.


An annual fitness membership purchased at a Second level facility is also valid at clubs with a Third level access.


Payment is made in advance in cash or by bank transfer in Bulgarian leva! To use the services of a higher level facility, the customer must “upgrade” his subscription plan by paying the difference between the two levels so that the total value of his plan covers the price of the higher level.


Clients of the Club have no right to demand a return of the full or partial value of the Services also if a client has not used the provided services during the validity period of his club card!




The club has the right to change the current rules and its pricing policy at any time. Updating such conditions may take technological time, so clients should inquire with Club staff for current offers.


The club has the right to change the schedule of group activities. For optimal information, we recommend that visitors make a reservation for their chosen class by registering on our website or in our Flais Fitness mobile application.


The club should monitor the compliance with the RULES ON INTERNAL PROCEDURES by all visitors.


The Club reserves the right to suspend the access of visitors to individual premises or to the entire territory of the Club due to filming or other events.




Visitors are obliged to comply with the comfort of other visitors and with the instructions of the employees of Fitness Club “Flais” as well as to monitor for changes in the current rules and the price policy of the Club.


By paying for a towel at reception you rent it and undertake to return it before leaving the Club.


Each training person is obliged not to interfere with the training of the other visitors with his actions and behavior!


For the personal comfort of the visitor and other customers, everyone should keep the gym, group activities rooms, changing rooms and toilets clean.


Each training person is obliged to comply with the other persons training in the hall by standing at a sufficient distance from them, allowing safe execution of the exercises!


The use of the Club’s premises by visitors for the purpose of gaining income or other benefits is prohibited.


Smoking of tobacco products, smokeless and electronic cigarettes is prohibited in all Club premises.


Visitors should remove all objects that may pose a danger during activities in the gym or the halls for group activities.




Each client is responsible for his personal belongings.


The club, its owners and employees are not responsible for lost items. During their stay at the Club, the clients must leave their personal belongings and clothing in their lockers and strongboxes. Entering the Club’s halls for training with sports bags, backpacks and plastic bags is prohibited.


It is not allowed to bring food, drinks and medicines into the Club.


Lockers are available to customers only for the duration of their visit.


After the end of the working hours with clients of the Club, all locked lockers are unlocked by an employee.


Forgotten items are kept on the territory of the Club for one week after they have been found.


The club, its owners and employees are not responsible for the car, the property in it and for any damage caused during its stay in the gym’s parking lot.




The visitors to the Club bear material responsibility for loss or damage to the equipment and accessories they use as well as for causing damage to any other property of the Club.


In case of impairment or damage to the property of the Club, the clients are obliged to reimburse the value of the damaged property in full within 3 days of the damage by payment in cash or by bank transfer.


It is forbidden to leave towels rented from the reception on the floor. In case of violation of the rule, the visitor pays a fine of 10.00 BGN.


It is mandatory to return the chips, as well as the keys to lockers and strongboxes after using them!


It is forbidden for visitors to independently adjust the air conditioning and ventilation system of the hall, to select the musical accompaniment and volume.


The use of musical and other technical equipment is not allowed in the group activities rooms in the absence of the instructor.




Each training person is obliged to use the equipment for its intended purpose.


If the client is unable to adjust any of the devices for his needs or if he doubts the safety of the setting, he should call the instructor or another employee of the Club!


In case the training person discovers a malfunction of a device, he must immediately notify the gym instructor or another employee of the Club.


It is not allowed to overload the devices with additional weights beyond the norm.


It is forbidden to touch the moving parts of the exercise equipment.


Exercises with free weights should be performed at a distance of no less than 1.5 – 2 meters from glasses and mirrors.


It is forbidden to leave bottles of water on exercise equipment connected to the mains.


Particular care must be taken so that the training person’s belongings and their parts (jewelry, zippers, laces etc.) do not fall on the moving parts of the exercise equipment.


At the beginning of training on the treadmill, the training person should stand on the pads along the moving belt, to set a minimum speed and to start training after the belt is driven. Do not get off the treadmill before the treadmill comes to a complete stop.


After finishing the exercises, the training person is obliged to put away the sports equipment he used in the specially designated places.


In order to improve the quality of services, carry out prevention, repair damage and other related activities, the Fitness Club has the right to temporarily limit or suspend access to certain equipment, services or premises.




Visitors to the Club must comply with the rules for general hygiene and cleanliness in all Club premises.


For training in the Club, it is necessary for clients to have clean clothes and shoes prepared for this purpose, specially intended for the Club and which are not used outside it. It is not allowed to enter the Club premises with outerwear and shoes used outside. The Club’s administration has the right not to allow a client wearing outdoor shoes to training.


It is prohibited to exercise barefoot or in open shoes with sliding soles, including but not limited to flip flops, heels and shoes with a design that creates a predisposing condition for injury.


It is not allowed to enter the gym and group activities rooms with shoes that can destroy the floor covering, otherwise can change its properties and can leave traces.


It is forbidden to lie down on the exercise equipment without clothes.


It is mandatory to use a cloth for the exercise equipment.


Every visitor must use the showers with non-slip slippers for better personal hygiene.




The club, owners and employees are not responsible for harms related to deterioration of health.


Persons with health problems are obliged to consult a doctor before using the sports equipment, facilities, sauna, steam bath and solarium, and the use of those becomes their responsibility!


When choosing exercises, weights, individual or group activities, each training person must take into account his capabilities and the current state of his body! The club, owners and employees are not responsible for trauma and injuries!
When participating in individual and group activities, the Club, owners and employees are not responsible for accidental or negligently caused injuries by the participant himself or any of the other customers!


Before and after exposure to the solarium, it is recommended to use sunscreen.


The club does not assume responsibility for skin irritations or burns resulting from the client’s non-compliance with the recommendations for using the solarium.


The Club, owners and employees are not responsible for damages caused by the actions (inactions) of third parties, as well as in the event that the cause of the damages, including to health, is the violation of the rules for using the fitness equipment and the provisions of these Rules.